Introducing Nibble.

Throughout 2017 I’ve been working freelance providing support and services to clients in the U.K. I work with larger corporate chains through to start-up independents, which is really interesting as my day-to-day is very diverse, whilst simultaneously being exactly the same across clients – it’s all food, drink and accommodation at the end of the day.

Whilst larger companies tend to be more forward thinking they also tend to be slow to execute, often having to pass decisions through a chain of command before they can act. This should give the smaller independents an advantage, yet I’m always surprised at how last minute they are with projects and how they tend to be more reactive than proactive rather than balancing the two. Often this is due to the budget constraints of running a small business or not having the time or skillset to complete to the standard they were hoping to of achieved – this is inefficient if not a little counterproductive and is usually were I come in to provide proactive strategy and support executing the project.

This is Nibble.

As of 2018 I’ll be building a full service hospitality agency specifically designed to offer smaller independent hospitality businesses access to the support and services they need to make the transition from reactive to proactive and achieve targets more efficiently. Nibble will act as an extension of our client’s bar, restaurant or hotel businesses providing a range of services from sales, digital marketing and creative to event planning and top line consultancy without needing to recruit staff or create an entire department that wouldn’t usually be required day-to-day.

Whilst Nibble will continue to support national and international chains there will be a large focus on helping independent brands streamline their business and expand their capabilities through providing support and resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Nibble will also contribute toward my continued support of Manchester Metropolitan University’s hospitality department offering students mentorship and opportunities to gain experience by becoming involved with real life hospitality projects.

The work’s already started, watch this space…

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Tim Coulston (TC) is the Managing Director of Nibble, a hospitality company focused on building food & beverage brands, specialising in Strategic Communications, Business Management & Commercial Interiors.

For further information please contact:
Sophie Chadwick, Communications Manager, Nibble.

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