Nibble. | Hospitality Consultancy, Sales & Marketing

Hospitality consulting services with added bite… Food, drink and people: that’s Nibble in three bite-sized words. Nibble help you carve a mark in the hospitality sector that’s as unique as you are. By combining our hotel, bar and restaurant consulting services with creative, sales and marketing expertise, we can transform your […]

Proactive x Reactive

When I start working with a client one area that’s really important is to introduce the right balance between being proactive and reactive. I find a lot of restaurants, bars and hotels, particularly independent businesses, are incredibly reactive to situations and therefore aren’t able to achieve the best results – […]

Introducing Nibble.

Throughout 2017 I’ve been working freelance providing support and services to clients in the U.K. I work with larger corporate chains through to start-up independents, which is really interesting as my day-to-day is very diverse, whilst simultaneously being exactly the same across clients – it’s all food, drink and accommodation […]